Six-Week Gorilla Bench Program

By “Vanilla Gorilla” Eric Spoto, the uncrowned King of Raw Benching

I have tried a few different templates that are percentage-based, but I never knew if I was improving week to week. If one week has 90 percent for a triple and then the next workout has 85 percent for five reps, it’s hard to determine if your strength is progressing each week. I like more instant gratification when it comes to training, so I keep it simple and motivating.

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Meathead Cardio

H.I.I.T. can get you huge. Here’s how. By John Kiefer

You didn’t pick up this issue of Power because you wanted conventional wisdom. You’re reading this magazine because you want to show convention your middle finger and start doing things the right way — and this applies to everything, across the board. Take fat loss, for example. When you want to reach ridiculously low levels of body fat, what’s the first thing conventional wisdom tells you to do? More cardio. The idea, then, is to put in hours and hours of work on the treadmill, elliptical and bike, right? That, conventional wisdom says, is how you’ll get the fat off.

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